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In 1993, 23-year-old John Crouch had a lawn service business and was cutting grass at a family friend’s house. He then began servicing their neighbor’s yard, Darryl Oliver. Darryl was the Regional Branch Manager of a large janitorial company and had several facilities with concrete flooring needs. He took a leap of faith and approached John about doing a job under his lawn business. They performed that job successfully which led to another job, and so on. They then formed Service Resource, Inc. performing services such as floor repairs, coatings, construction cleanup, vacuuming ceilings, and cleaning paint booths in factories. They recruited friends, family members and work acquaintances to help perform the work during night and weekend hours. In 1995, Darryl suggested they recruit and hire a highly thought of member of his company named Bill Palmer. Bill accepted and became their first full-time employee.

Darryl took another leap of in faith in 1996 and decided to move back to his hometown in Mississippi. John sold his lawn business to concentrate on Service Resource, Inc. Later that year, John and Darryl came to an agreement, and John bought Darryl out for $40,000.00.


While still living with his parents, pouring everything back into the company, and leaning on his only full-time employee Bill Palmer, the company was built to the point that it had a warehouse, several employees, and income. In 2003, Bill’s neighbor Chuck Hawkins was recruited for sales and within a couple of years the sales tripled and many more employees were hired. Bill and Chuck earned shares in the company, and the team was built. The rest is history, and here we are more than 25 years later.

Quotes as we were learning and getting on the job experience:
“We’ll know next time!”
                                  Bill Palmer

“All we have to do is DO what we say we’re going to DO, and that’s all we have to DO!”
                                  Darryl Oliver

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