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A concrete densifier is a chemical hardener that reacts with the free lime or calcium carbonate present in concrete which produces a stronger surface. Because concrete slabs are porous by nature, using a densifier is a great way to make them less porous, more dense, easier to clean, and less permeable.

When the concrete densifier reacts with the free lime, a calcium silicate hydrate gel is formed. This gel is a very dense and hard crystal which forms in the concrete. The chemical reaction that is produced binds permanently inside the concrete making the slab stronger and a more durable wear surface than it was before the treatment.

Another added benefit of treating your concrete floor with the densifier is that it helps stop the floor from dusting (a continual natural occurrence with concrete over time). Densifiers are the most economical and durable treatment of concrete.

Service Resource, Inc. has been power scrubbing and applying densifiers to concrete floors for over 25 years. We have applied densifier to hundreds of millions of feet of concrete floor to many of the largest projects in the country.

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