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Polished concrete is a low maintenance flooring having many benefits such as being attractive, durable,
affordable, and environmentally friendly using your existing concrete substrate.

Polished concrete can reveal its natural patterns and media producing a bright marbled or granite type look. Colors or dyes can be applied as well.

Polished concrete is highly durable to forklift and heavy foot traffic. The dense nature of polished concrete along with a chemical densifier applied during the process provides resistance to oils and spills. The flattening of the concrete during the process along with the chemical densifier helps provide smooth tow motor travel without dusting or deterioration of the concrete.

-Longevity from its durable nature
-No purchase of a topical flooring product such as tile, carpet, or coating.
-More than 30% less maintenance cost of waxing, cleaning, and buffing.
-no removal, repurchase and install cost of the topical flooring you purchased several years back.

Green Flooring:
Petroleum along with many other chemicals and products are being consumed during the manufacturing of floor coverings. Polished concrete has much less environmental impact and is often specified for LEED projects. Its reflective nature provides savings on energy and lighting.

Service Resource, Inc. was one of the first contractors in the country to provide polished concrete. We purchased our first grinders and polishers from VIC International in Knoxville, TN over 25 years ago. As we were beginning our polishing service and growing, equipment manufacturers like HTC, SASE, and CPS set up shop in Knoxville, TN. Knoxville became known in the industry as the polishing capital of the country. We have the experience to repair, patch, dye, and polish your concrete floor.

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