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“There are many causes of concrete deterioration and most of these involve either the movement of moisture or the movement of species, such as chlorides and sulfates, dissolved in the water. Generally, the greater the resistance of the concrete to the movement of water, the lower its permeability and the greater its resistance to deterioration.”

Portland Cement Association Design & Control of Concrete Mixtures, 15th ed., p.173 Moisture management can be achieved by the preparation and application of penetrating treatments to new or aged concrete. These products penetrate and chemically react into the accessible concrete capillaries and pore structure.


  • Moisture vapor from within the concrete can be cause for concern for your tile, carpet, or resilient flooring.

  • The intrusion of water from outside sources can cause damage to your concrete structure.


Moisture vapor control can also be achieved by the proper preparation and application of special Vapor Reducing Epoxy. These moisture control systems block rising water vapor and prevent the final flooring from encountering high alkalinity which develops in the concrete.

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